How to Save Money When Cooling Your Home

How to Save Money When Cooling Your Home

Here at B & B Mechanical Heating & Cooling summer is often the busiest month for our team of professional AC and HVAC contractors. As one of the leading HVAC companies in Levittown, PA, and surrounding areas, we serve thousands of customers who need emergency HVAC repairs, replacements, or significant maintenance issues. That being said, here are some tips help to keep the costs down when cooling your home. Our expert team has listed them below to use as a point of reference for all HVAC and AC unit owners:

Use Fans to Cool Down Rooms

Ceiling fans help to circulate the air within our home and create a light breeze that feels cooling as it contacts our skin. Fans can decrease the room temperature by a degree or two, but they predominantly circulate air in a fashion that makes us feel cooler. Any model of ceiling or free-standing fan will be a cheaper alternative to using an AC unit, so give it a try.

Seal Air Leaks

When preparing for summer, it’s essential to seal any air leaks around your home. This will help to lower any cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Sealing air ducts around the home can improve the efficiency of a cooling system by 20%. You can deal with any leaks using a caulk gun or duct tape depending on the location and severity of the gap that needs covering.

Keep Shades Closed During the Daytime

By opening the shades on a hot and sunny day, you could be heating your home as sun filters in through the windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drawing the blinds or closing the shades can reduce summer heat gain by 45%. This will help homeowners and businesses to save cash on energy bills and become more efficient.

Regularly Replace Air Filters

If you own an AC unit or HVAC system, it’s advised that you change the filters frequently. Most industry filters last around three months. Listen for a whistling sound around 11 weeks after replacing a filter; this is a sign that it’s blocked and needs to be changed. Dirty filters decrease the efficiency of cooling systems, making them more expensive as they cool your home.

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