Your End-Of-Season Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Before you jump right into your spring cleaning checklist, there are a few things you’ll want to tidy up with your home’s furnace — especially if you want it to work come again come fall. While winter has not officially ended, now is the perfect time to start mapping out your end-of-season furnace maintenance checklist. Don’t know what to look for? No problem! If you take a few pointers from our helpful checklist, you can find out exactly what you need to get your furnace ready for spring!

Change Your Filters

Even if you make it a habit to check/change your filter every month (which you should), we recommend that you check it again. During the winter, people close their windows to keep the cold air at bay, but that lack of airflow can collect harmful dust, dirt, and allergens in their heating systems. When things, such as dust and dirt, accumulate in your home’s heating system, it can lead to your filter becoming clogged, which can put your system at risk for producing harmful amounts of carbon monoxide.

Since your AC more than likely uses the same ductwork as your furnace, changing your furnace’s filter will also help prep your AC system for the summer.

Check for Safety Hazards

Whether your home’s heating system is new or old, there are a few items that you should check before shutting it down for the season. They include your system’s:

  • Pilot light
  • Motor
  • Bearings
  • Heater exchange
  • Burner assembly

Over the years, your furnace can develop issues that are undetectable to the untrained eye, such as cracks in your combustion chamber, so it’s important to keep up with your system’s routine maintenance.

Call in a Professional

As we previously mentioned, there are just some aspects of your furnaces maintenance that are best left for a professional gas furnace repair service in Levittown, PA to handle. Having a professional inspect your home’s heating system will allow you to determine if your system just needs a few minor repairs or a full replacement. We recommend having your unit inspected in the spring because it gives you enough time to have your system replaced before winter sets in again.

Those in need of professional furnace or heating boiler repair services in Levitttown, PA, or the surrounding area, contact B & B Mechanical Heating & Cooling today at 215-945-4560.